Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Election Watch: Experience Isn't the Issue

Well, not for me anyway. We have had great presidents with little experience and terrible presidents with lots of experience, and lots of mediocre presidents of both kinds. Thus I don't think either side will ultimately win the "experience" argument.

I'm more experienced than her

She is more experienced than him.

To me they all sound like school children.

Washington has its own built in machinery. There are career politicians and diplomats and bureaucrats abounding. The place practically runs itself. I think what is more important is intelligence, values, judgment, and of course one's political philosophy.

Where these folks actually stand on the issues, and to what degree any of them will be able to put together the kind of bipartisan coalitions needed to tackle the very real problems we face together is more important to me.

Truth be told I think many people I know are experienced and smart and creative enough to be president. I think if you dropped me down up into the White House I would be a decent president. Well, except that I need my sleep. All those 3:00AM calls would really start to wear me down.


Michele said...

"I think if you dropped me down up into the White House I would be a decent president."

Agreed. :)

Brenda Bowers said...

Today I read the first statement made by Barack Obama that was emphatic and not open to any misinterpretation. ( He said that families were off limits in politics. )

Sarah Palin on the other hand nearly always takes a stand. Right or wrong the lady says want she thinks and acts on her beliefs.

That is the criteria I most value in a president or VP. Reagan, Truman the two best in this past century, and even Grant who was one of the worst were straight talking men who believed what they said and acted on it.

Can I be your VP? I think we would "balance" each other very well. You know: the Nice guy and the Nasty lady. BB