Tuesday, September 02, 2008

To My Friend Jeffrey

Jeffrey Sykes who writes the excellent blog A Priori Concepts dropped a challenging existential/religious/philosophical question on us today. In his words:

Open Question:

What is the life lesson I am supposed to learn from a life full of instances where my greatest successes are tinged with intense failures and life’s most pleasant experiences are colored with the pain of significant loss or impending devastation?

I’m open to all interpretations.

I would normally try to answer such a question by an appeal to Genesis 3:15-19, the book of Ecclesiastes, and Psalms like Psalm 73. I think I will try to do that, maybe later. But for now I thought I would offer a larger answer (given my propensity to ask the same questions - you know, like every other day), an essay, written to myself really, and dealing with much the same stuff, particularly in the middle and end. It is entitled The Creation Mandate. It is a Christian reflection about the meaning and the frustration of work. I would be interested in its applicability to your (or anyone else's) situation.

Hope this helps,


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jhs said...

Joel: Thanks. I'll read this tonight. Hope all is well. Jeff