Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Buck Up Obama

A few thoughts on pigs and lipstick...

But first...

I thought Obama did very well on Bill O'Reilly. I thought O'Reilly did very well also. It was a good interview. I don't agree with Obama on too many things, but I like him very much. Actually I like all four of the candidates, even Joe Biden, whose foreign policy in the 80's would have led to our ruin (in my view), but for whom I have always had an odd affection.

The problem with Obama's skin isn't that it is too dark but that it is too thin. He needs to buck up. He has been given a virtual free pass in the mainstream media, most of which drools over him liked he is a pop star/messiah, and he needs to be able to stand the heat without pulling out the "offended" card so often. Give me a break.

I do NOT think Obama made his lipstick comments with Sarah Palin in mind, though I would bet anything that in the back of his mind, after he said it (or even as he was saying it), it was like "s***, I'm screwed." I would like to have seen his BP and pulse right then! What did bother me was the rapt happiness of the audience. I believe they were connecting the dots as the words came out.

I can't believe that this has been all over the media. It's a kindergarten circus out there.

All for now.

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