Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tulip Poplar Leaf - Fisher Park, Greensboro

Liriodendron tulipifera

I may have posted this before but I saw a yellow Tulip Poplar leaf today and it may me think of this picture. Is this a beautiful day in Greensboro or what!

To learn more about the great tree that produces these beautiful fall leaves, read here.

Tulip Poplar leaves begin to turn earlier than about any other tree. Other "early turners" are the red leafed sourwood, black gum, and persimmon. Speaking of persimmon...they are dropping their fruit now. Few things in life can beat a good persimmon pie...



Kathleen said...

Joel, this is gorgeous. The tulip poplar and sweetgum in my yard are turning their spectacular yellow right now, so I was seeking images and found yours!

Joel said...

Kathleen, thank you! That was a good walk through Fisher Park that day! I had an e-mail notification of your comment and I clicked on your name I guess, which took me to your blogger bio I think. Anyway, I saw you liked Iris Dement. I have been raving the last week over her new CD - Sing the Delta. It is maybe her best yet! If you haven't heard it yet you should check it out. Here are a couple of nice sweet gum pics for you - and!