Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm So Tired

Ideologues on the right and left feed the worst in our civic selves. Neither the ideological left nor the ideological right represent the American people.

When it comes down to it I don't think that it is really principle per se that keeps our congress from working together and addressing problems in a pragmatic manner which gives neither side all it wants but gives both sides something. So what is it? Pride? Power? Money?

The US Congress disgusts me.

I want a pragmatic solution oriented compromise-able Congress with a pragmatic solution oriented compromise-able President.

I can't think of any issue where a pragmatic working spirit of compromise would not bring progress as compared to where we are today on that issue. I wish a spirit of consensus could sweep over our national leadership, and the party system would crumble. It just does not work. It isn't essential to our form of government or our constitution but it is entrenched. It really pretty much totally sucks.

Bill Clinton was a pragmatist. He loved Bill Clinton, and his self love drove him to do many things that were in our national interest. I think George Bush was or would have been a pragmatist. But his presidency got hijacked by the neo-cons who brought out the worse side of Bush, and using him they tried to impose their ideology upon a country they did not represent. Had Bush started out with a Democratic congress I think he would have been a much better president.

We can blame our problems on the military-industrial complex, on Wall Street, on corporate greed, on unions, on special interests, lobbyists, or whatever. Eventually we get what we want and deserve. We have power that we won't use.

Right now, as I see things, the American people are dividing out as usual, falling behind their guy or gal, pushing for their party's vision as opposed to the other party's vision, enjoying media and blogging slander of the opponent, and pretty much just supporting and continuing the pattern that does not and will not work.

Until the American people themselves reject the system as it stands things will not get better.

It's time for another American Revolution, a revolution against the two party system, a rejection of the status quo, a rejection which will be evidenced by a massive turnover of our elected representatives.

Until then I just pray for divided government, whoever is President. Divided government in the form we are familiar may not get much done but it does force us toward the middle.

I think Obama is going to win. The left will over reach, the right will win back the House, and we'll pay the same old game all over again.

John Lennon comes to mind:

I'm so tired....

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Brenda Bowers said...

I hope this latest fiasco of our "leaders" giving the fat cats $700 billion will finally get to the American public. There are no ifs or buts the country outside of our government is almost unanimously opposed to this bail out.

I am lousy at math but I wonder if each adult American was given their share of that $700B just how quickly the economy would recover and boom? And there would be an assured and immediate pay back to the Treasury as everyone would have to pay taxes on their windfall. This way there is no knowing what the loan packages the government is buying will be worth so there is no knowing how much, or if any, of the pay out will be recouped.

I'm tired too. And as Lew and I both agree: we lived in the better times before government became so intrusive and people were still accepting some responsibility for their family, action and obligations. We are both happy we don't have much longer here. Feel so sorry for those who must live thru this time. BB