Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't Get Fooled Again

OK, I'm shallow. I confess. So there, it's out. I like CSI Miami.

And the new season starts next Monday. The Closer ends this week and CSI Miami begins next week. Life can be good.

So, I was writing about great rock organ solo's over at mylifemyjourney, and "Don't Get Fooled Again" was on my mind, which got me thinking about CSI Miami, and wondering whether Horatio was really dead. I mean, he couldn't be, right? He's the show.

And that got me thinking about David Caruso's schtick, which got me to thinking about two super You Tube clips my good friend Sam sent me this summer. If you haven't watched these, well, you should.

The first is Caruso at his, well, at his one liner sunglassy best.

And Jim Carrey's Late Show take on David Caruso is priceless.

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