Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter from My Garndmother Nanny, October 1975, from Columbia to Clemson

I was in my attic a couple of weeks ago looking for something for a yard sale and came across a big box of letters - hundreds if not thousands of letters from family and friends from about 1975 to 1979. I miss real letters. E-mail, text, voice mail, cell phones just don't match the intimacy and permanency of a handwritten letter.

"Nanny" was my grandmother on my dad's side (older, younger, younger still). I was closer to her than my own parents for most of my high school and college years. I normally visited her every Sunday. She gave the best back rubs on planet earth!

It's funny in a way that she tried so hard to teach me good handwriting skills yet hers was barely legible! I always chuckle about that. She tried. Handwriting was the only thing I ever made a "C" in!

Here is the translation - a little slice of life from 1975.

Dearest Joe:

I sure do miss you this weekend - I thought maybe you would come dropping in for a few minutes & give me a big hug. Understood you had a date Sat. afternoon- Hope it was fun- It was really a beautiful day and fun to be out in the yard a while in the afternoon- listened to the game over radio for a while, then went to the laundry about 4 30.

How are things going with you at school? is it hard (your studies)? Got home a little early and saw my new neighbors, the Wesson's (the ones I introduced you to) had a fire in the grill out back- raised the window and asked if they were cold, and they said no, come on over, we have a half (over)

bushel of oysters we are going to roast and asked me to join them- Charlie said he surely was glad to meet you, and hoped he could get to know you and see you more- the oysters were delicious, he roasted them like they do in Charleston, cracked them open, and Sue (his wife) had made a salad and we ate oysters right out of the shell - dipped them in butter and lemon juice and I sho' did like them - staid over there until 8:30 - began to get cold, & came home. It was fun.

Am enclosing a little check for something you want to do, or something to eat, like a steak, maybe - I love you & miss you a lot.

See you soon, I hope - a big hug and a kiss, Nanny

Ettamae sends her love

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