Monday, September 22, 2008

A Picture Dedicated to Teachers: My Favorite Physics Class

This is a picture of the favorite of the many Physics classes I taught over a span of five years at Brookland Cayce High School, outside of Columbia SC in the mid 1980's. These were seniors, graduating class of 1986 I think.

Notice the 80's clothes and hairdo's!

This picture has been on my Flickr site for a couple of years. Today there was a comment that reads as follows:

I bet you say that to all your physic classes.

Bill Reynolds - the one in the Dodgers shirt in case you have forgotten.
Your class was the reason I went into engineering. Thanks for that.

Hope things are going well.

In fact, this was my favorite class. They were smart, hard working, funny, and a joy to teach. I had a "planning period" 5th period, right after many of them as seniors were done for the day, and we would often play "Risk." Wow, those were some awesome risk games! We would save the game and pick up next time until somebody won.

I used my engineering physics text book from Clemson as our class guide. I'm glad it helped!

If you haven't done so lately, thank a teacher today. I promise you that they get far to little thanks for the time and love they invest.

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