Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Come and See

I was talking to a fellow blogger yesterday and explaining why I had been a little less visible in the blogging world of late, not that it’s any great loss. But I shared with him that I had been involved the last couple of months in a picture and slide scanning/organizing/posting project that had taken up most of the extra time I had.

I invite you to take a look - It won’t hurt you, and you may enjoy it.

If you want any of the pictures I can have prints sent to you – my privilege and pleasure.

When you go to the site you will see that there are many “sets.” Some of these would be more and some less interesting. It’s a big multi faceted project.

Well, how this came about…my grandmother “Nanny,” my father’s mother, lived in Columbia. She and I were very close. She had a beautiful garden (which I wrote about in a piece called “Nanny’s Garden”).

Nanny’s Husband, Curtis Sr. had a niece named Ettamae, who lived with Nanny the last 10 years or so of her life. Nanny and Ettamae were both born the same year. Well, to make a long story short. Ettamae died in 1979, and Nanny in 1985. My brother Mike bought Nanny’s house, but then he sold it in the late 90’s. When he was clearing it out he found in the back corner of the attic an old WWII footlocker of Nanny’s containing thousands of pictures and newspaper cutouts and small personal effects, as well as an old suitcase of Ettamae’s containing the same. It was all such a mess, pictures piled willy nilly upon pictures, but so fascinating. I ended up taking them with me to organize. When my mother died in 2001 I also took some boxes of hers for the same reason.

The problem was, I didn’t know who 75% of the people were. This led me on a long journey to track down all remaining relatives of Nanny and Ettamae. Nanny is from a family, the Andrews, from LaGrange Georgia, and Ettamae, from the Gillespie line originally from Kentucky. This tracking down process got me interested in genealogy as well. So, I have found them all - all the living descendents of my great-grandfathers on both sides! It took some work.

So, I am posting these pictures partly so that these remaining relatives can see them and help me figure out who is who. I am posting old pictures of my parents and us as kids for my siblings and for my children. You know, I kind of want the pictures to tell a story for my kids, a story I wish my parents had told for me. I don’t want them to have to piece it together after I’m gone.

I am posting pictures of our family here, as well as our church family, for those who are inclined to “follow along.” And I am posting pictures I took along the way that are just pretty decent pictures just to have record of some of the beautiful places I have the privilege to go and see in my life.

I have only gotten started, though I am in the mood to start taking pictures again like I used to. I am getting my old Fujica manual SLR camera repaired. I have a Nikon N-80 but just don’t like all the automation. I also am in the mood to start backpacking again. I miss the deep woods. And yes, if truth be told, I am itching to get back into writing, into blogging, so I may give my new expensive Epson Scanner a rest for a while.

Well, if you make it over to the Flickr site I hope something there will make you smile.