Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Perkins Follow Up

Given some of the feedback (comments and e-mails) to my post Developers, Perkins, and Our Shared Environment, I do sense a need to clarify and elaborate.

I have not talked to Robbie Perkins in years, mostly because we travel in different circles (you think?). When I did know him he was only ever nice to me, as was his wife. In fact, I liked the Perkins family very much. Robbie always carried himself in a gentlemanly demeanor. I thought of him as a gracious person and a good and decent man. I would suppose that those qualities have a significant role in his electability.

I wrote what I did about his comments regarding water runoff because I wanted to illustrate the "mindset" of developers, a mindset which has always mystified me somewhat.

And truth be told I have gotten more and more disenchanted with the power which the "developer" class yields in local decisions. There does seem to be a quintessential good old boy network ("boy" being used loosely of course) going on here. When otherwise good and decent men and women are drawn into making back door deals and decisions which impact the public good, who work the system and take advantage of poorly written laws that give them undue power, who use their wealth to "help" like minded folk get elected, and who use their influence on city and county councils to advance their industry if not their own companies, then no matter how good their motives may be what you have is an incipient corruption. I think it has gone well beyond incipient. But I would not myself call Mr. Perkins a sleaze ball as did one commenter. I don't think that way about him.

I think her is just being a developer, a developer mixed up in local politics. It's a bad combination.

I am interested in reading more about Protest Petition issue as brought to my attention by triadwatch. The TREBIC cartel does concern me, and it seems cartel is not an inappropriate designation.


Brenda Bowers said...

Joel, I do stick by my comment and my belief that this man is a sleaze ball. He has a brain, he has a heart and he has freewill given to him by the Creator. He makes a decision based on his values and morals to feather his own nest and those of his friends no matter who is hurt or how great the lie he chooses to speak or support. Corruption, sleaze and evil are the same in my book when it applies to people like this.

Corruption often wears a nice suit and a big smile. BB

Fecund Stench said...

Decent people are the hardest to paint as villains.

Joel said...

As Bob Dylan said, "The enemy I see wears a cloak of decency."

Which could mean me too, but the point is what it is.

Brenda, I didn't mean to judge your depiction of the situation, I just wanted to clarify mine.

Tony Wilkins said...

I enjoy your blog.
Can I now assume that you are also a Bob Dylan fan?

Joel said...



Is the sky blue?


triadwatch said...

well joel it looks like robbie "pave it "perkins at last nights city council meeting for 9-2-08 , called me out on not having any vested interest. I will post about it on protest petitions site with a few choice words for him.