Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moore's Knob Anyone?

Hey, a bunch of folks are leaving after church Sunday to head up to Hanging Rock State Park to hike the trail up to Moore's Knob. It's a dandy trail, and the view is to die for. If you'd like to come along I promise we won't sing "Just As I Am" all the way up, try to give you Bibles, or generally act like the Church Lady in any way. We're just folks out for a good walk on a pretty day. We'll leave Bur-Mil about 1:30 or so, get to the very top parking lot by the lake about 2:30, and take the longer trail up. If we're lucky we might see some Ravens, Hawks, and Buzzards. Oh, and we'll have folks of all ages heading up. Kids like it up there. The picture above is a view of Moore's Knob from an adjacent outcropping.

Click on any of these links to get a feel for what you see from Moore's Knob...

Cute Little Farm

Hanging Rock Proper

Pilot Mountain

And, at the risk of scaring you off completely, Me.

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