Monday, October 05, 2009

Beaver Dam, Mountains to Sea Trail, Guilford County

On Saturday October 3 The Guilford County Open Space Committee (part of Parks and Recreation) sponsored a hike along what will eventually be a leg of the Mountains to Sea Trail in northern Guilford County. Recently the state of NC purchased a large tract of land and our Open Space Committee is in processing an adjacent large tract as well. Although people trails and public access are probably a year away at least, I can say that this leg of the M to s trail in our county will make us proud. It is a a beautiful and diverse woodland. Beavers are quite active along the many creeks and streams, opening up the woods, providing wetlands, as well as nesting sites for birds such as Great Blue Herons. See a few more pictures of the hike here.


Bobby Bueche said...

Hey thats the woods behind my house! Did GSO buy the whole 600 acre tract!? That would be REALLY cool as it means builders wont put 42 neighborhoods in there and ruin the woods! That is the longest dam I have ever seen it must be at leas 125 yards long. I even walked across it once. It cleared the forest of underbrush, so no you can see from the trail all the way over to the powerline clearing. I have to get out there and clear that trail though as the beavers have their logs all over it. Hmmmmm..... I guess this also means GSO will start telling us we cant ride our atv's out there! :(

Joel said...

Bobby, Brad,

There are two properties, the Richardson tract which the county is in process of buying, and the Morton tract, which the state has already bought. The tract that would more likely be contiguous with yours would be the Richardson tract I think. The trail started on the Church Street end of Plainfield. It is a wonderful property. I don’t know what the rules will be for trail usage and hunting and such. I don’t think either tract is being bought for general public recreation like Bur-Mil so these activities may still be allowed – I really have absolutely no idea. And the city of Greensboro will not own the property, the state and county will I think. It is a huge blessing for all of us that these two families agreed to sell their properties for preservation purposes.