Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We Were the Champions - Custom Cleaners Baseball

Yesterday an old friend from childhood found me on Facebook, and in his honor, and in honor of his dad who was our little league baseball coach for three years, I thought I would post the pictures of the teams those three years. We were "Custom Cleaners" and we played at the field at Satchel Ford Elementary School. The first picture above was taken when I was ten years old, in the spring of 1968. That's Coach Chavous back left with his son, my old friend, at his left. David Hollis, one of my very best buds from those years is to Larry's left.That's my dad back right, with me and my big ears and goofy smile to his right. We won it all that year.

Here is Custom Cleaners my second year when I was eleven years old in the spring of 1969. In front of Coach Chavous is his son Larry to his left, David Hollis and then me to his right. We struggled that year. I do have one great memory of that season, and that was my one and only ever no hitter. Check out the box score. They just could not hit my famous slow ball.

Here is Custom Cleaners my third year. Larry and I both had late birthdays so we got to play little league in 7th grade since we were still twelve during the season, spring 1970. That is Clint Freeman in the middle back - he was a stud and played catcher. To his left is Larry Chavous our best player and league MVP. Mr. Allday, our team sponsor and assistant coach is back left and Mr. Chavous back right. Debbie Carawan is the bat girl. Tom Lancaster, Greg Allday and Bob Dreher are also in the photo. Yep, we won it all that year too.

The greatest sports day of my life occurred on the last game this team ever played. I have written about it in a blog article My Grand Slam.

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