Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Damned If You Do...

I got an e-mail today chastising me as a Minister (which I'm not really anymore) for remaining silent on the issue of health insurance abuses, particularly the abuse of "rescission."

The e-mail had the phrase "Deadly Silence" in the title.

Personally I think rescission is abhorrent. How best to stop it and how best to reform health care as a whole I am not sure.

But what strikes me is that when Ministers speak out about abortion they are told pretty much to sit down and shut up, to quit mixing politics and religion, and to beware of losing their non-profit status.

But it's OK to speak out about this issue. What is the difference? Both are justice issues. Both are political issues?



Anonymous said...

This is a growing problem for a lot of ministers, can't say this, can't say that. The pastor at the church I am a member of told us that if certain bills were passed (?) he could possibly be arrested for speaking out against homosexuality and other issues.

I believe a Minister should not be sanctioned on his word of God whether it is in a political arena or not. I believe if a person does not LIKE what the minister is stating, preaching or otherwise conveying; that person has the right to leave and not listen... Just my opinion and who am I... Thanks Joel Gillespie for your insight, thoughts on many issues. You are a brilliant person and I enjoy reading your ideas...God Bless You.

The Gourmez said...

Your post's title is totally appropriate. I know it raises my hackles when I hear preachers espousing political points of view different from my own, also hopefully spirit-led positions. Yet, when it's an issue that I passionately believe is a moral and political one, I certainly am amazed that ministers aren't willing to address it--in other words, I'm a total hypocrite on the issue. The safe road for preachers may be to avoid any topics in the current political world, but honestly, if they feel a moral and spiritual leaning to address something, they should be able to without fear of losing their church's nonprofit status. Perhaps it's a matter of not doing so during a church service but in their personal lives.

Henry Neufeld said...

I appreciate a pastor speaking out in a moral sense on the issues. Of course you have to decide which issues need your attention--you can't speak on all!

Thus, while I think it is inconsistent to call for silence on abortion, but for speaking out on health care, I also think it's unfair to criticize a preacher for speaking on one and not the other.

Choose your issue, speak your mind, be a prophetic voice.

Brenda Bowers said...

We can stop Obama from getting this Health Care monster but we have to act NOW.
We need to work on a handful of Democrats who can be persuaded to vote against the bill. Here is our target list:

* Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) ~ (202) 224-4843
* Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) ~ (202) 224-2353
* Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) ~ (202) 224-5824
* Michael Bennet (D-Colorado) ~ (202) 224-5852
* Mark Begich (D-Alaska) ~ (202) 224-3004
* Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) ~ (202) 224-2551
* Kent Conrad (D-North Dakota) ~ (202) 224-2043
* Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) ~ (202) 224-6551

We need to put maximum pressure on these Senators to vote against "cloture" on the health care bill. Cloture requires 60 votes to advance a bill and it's the only real test in this debate. Any Senator who votes for cloture is voting for ObamaCare, period.

Many Democrat are becoming aware of what their leaders are up to and are becoming as concerned as we have been. They like us believe that our health care system needs some reform measures taken to protect the public and improve our system, but like us they are not happy with this wholesale dumping of our system to go to a government run program that has proven itself in other countries to be so inferior to what we have. Contact these Senators and tell them you want to keep what we have and just make some slow adjustments that won't cost tax payers a dime to put into place. Like tort reform! Like opening competition among insurance companies by allowing individuals to purchase their insurance across state lines as we do any other product and insurance. Like assigning the insurance policy to the individual so that the coverage goes with the individual, or portability, which will make the individual control what he pays for and how much he pays. Like helping those who don't have insurance to purchase their own basic policy with supplemental subsides based on income.

BEWARE: Sen. Reid and other Senate and House fanatics are planning to pull a swift take over and pass their outrageously expensive and country destroying bill in an underhanded way. Look for it and be prepared to fight back. See previous post. BB