Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Uh, Mr. Hawk, There's a Fence There

A few minutes ago a bird flew into the window a few feet from where I am sitting. It made me jump! I did look over to make sure he was OK. The little guy shook himself sort of like a dog after getting wet, and then flew off. Which reminded me..

...It was one of the very worst days of my life, a trip to Texas for a funeral of a dearly beloved aunt, a huge traffic jam on I-85, a small accident in a McDonald's parking lot, and then a massive awful migraine which caused me to abort the trip.

But in the middle of that came a gift of one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

I think I was on I-20 at the time. I was cruising down the interstate, and, as I am inclined to do, not going as fast as the speed limit (I tend to be a slow driver). I saw well up ahead the figure of a bird, a big bird up and to my left. He (or she) was in a tuck position and diving, but in a very shallow dive, from my left to my right, perpendicular to my path, and due to cross over me up ahead as far as I could tell. I kept driving and he kept diving, lower and lower and lower. It was a hawk and it was beautiful, and really cool to watch. He crossed the highway just a a hundred feet or so ahead of me, maybe by this time ten feet above the ground.

This bird had been on a perfectly smooth incline the whole way, his brain doing the complex math for him. I watched him cross the road and was excitedly expectant to see what he was after.

Then bam! He ran right into a fence, a tall chicken wire fence, and he dropped like a brick. I was just about even with him when he stood up, obviously dazed, shaking his head and his wings.

What was so funny was that he looked around with that exact kind of look that says "I really hope nobody saw that"! OK, that's an anthropomorphism, but dogs and cats get embarrassed, why not birds?

As I passed he was just beating his wings and lifting off the ground.

Whatever was just on the other side of that fence had just had one lucky break.

Amidst my throbbing pain, I smiled, and thanked God for the joy of His world.

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