Friday, November 06, 2009

Wolf Spiders Rock

There's a Wolf spider on the carpet about three feet away from my foot. He started to run across the room and stopped when he saw my foot move. Oops, my cat just came into the room and went over to check the spider out. Mr. Spider ran under the chair, but I can just see him waiting for the coast to be clear.

I like to get down on the floor and stare at these eight eyed beasts. It's weird because you never really know which eye is looking back you - one, three, all eight? That sort of thing bugs me when people do it and I don't like it with spiders either.

And I always get the feeling that they're watching me back, not in the obvious sense of "how do I get away from this giant" but in a curious sense, or maybe a predator sense. "Hmm, I wonder if I could take him." Personally I always feel like we've bonded.

If the Wolf spider were bigger than me he would eat me. I'm glad he's not.

Sometimes I watch Wolf spiders race across the floor from one side of the room to the next for no apparent reason. I get the impression that maybe it's a race and another spider hiding under the couch has a stop watch.

Wolf spiders aren't dainty and delicate like a lot of the orb weavers. They have thicker and shorter legs. They run around until they see dinner and when they see it they run fast and eat it. They're kind of like a lot of carnivorous mammals that way.

Wolf spiders are hairy like tarantulas. That seems to make them creepier to a lot of people.

I like having Wolf spiders around. They eat all sorts of nasty bugs such as roaches, earwigs, crickets, ants, and pretty much any other critter than they can whip in a fight. All in all, I feel safer knowing we have Wold spiders looking after us.

They can bite if you provoke them but their bites are not dangerous as in necrotic or anything. And they aren't going to just up and attack you for no reason. They're not stupid.

They seem to enjoy toying with cats, which I find entertaining. Our cats don't seem to like to eat them but they do catch them every so often. Usually though the Wolfe spider kicks into gear and races under something.

Sometimes when I am on the couch watching TV like a total slob one will race across my chest or leg. I just say hi and go back to the program. I figure they're on their way to eating a roach or something. Maybe that's why we hardly ever see roaches.

By far their greatest value is in scaring daughters. You'd think the spider were five feet tall and the daughter a quarter inch tall given the screams. With great reluctance and selfishly just to stop the screaming I have caught and disposed of hundreds of them over the years

With a Wolf spider in hand and a threatening gaze you have great powers of persuasion you would not otherwise have with a teenage daughter. It's also very much fun to chase said teenage daughter around the house with Wolf spider in hand.

OK, I'm curious about what happened to the little guy that went under the chair. Think I'll go find out. He may still be shaking with fear because of the cat. I think a kindly eye to eye stare down will make him feel better.

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