Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can't Kill Norton - Ideas?

OK, first of all, no smart stuff from you Mac people...:-)

Was asked to fix a problem. Computer a giant mess. Symantec was disabled I think in changeover of ISP. URL's being misdirected, all sorts of crazy stuff. Some malware program or Trojan popping up and in the way of everything. Finally got rid of the malware thing, found an antivirus and spyware that would load, cleaned up disks, etc. Got rid of crazy misdirects to porn and shopping sites - BUT, get this - would let you go to, say, CNN, Craigslist, personal blog, Facebook, but would not let you go to Google, Bing or, would not let you use any embedded search powered by Google, AND, though it would let you go to, would not let you search via Yahoo. All search engines disabled. On third separate spyware scan (this time using Spybot), finally caught the misdirect imbeds - so, solved that problem.

But here is the final kicker. It will not allow removal of, or repair of, or overwriting of Norton 2009 or what's left of it. Norton's online uninstall tool won't work. No trick I could read about has worked. Uninstall keeps saying it wants the CD but the system came with Norton installed so no CD. I've spent 5-6 hours on this. Right click a file in file manager to delete and it doesn't ask you if you're sure you want to delete but takes you right to script asking for CD. Any ideas?

It appears that whatever this was or is had programed computer or browser to block all attempts to repair it - very clever. Also will not boot in safe mode, no matter what.


Sue said...

Can you get to DOS mode or step by step? If not, sometimes you have reformat (presuming you backed up all the data).

If people have legal software and do backups, then reformatting and reinstalling should be relatively easy. It's the illegal software folks that are a problem.

3. IMAGE the newly formatted computer.

Spag said...

Install a second version of Windows on a hard drive partition. Install antivirus on new Windows partition. Run antivirus in new version of Windows and/or delete any files on infected version from inside the new version.

Spag said...

Sorry, read past the part about the malware being cleaned.

Have you tried removing Norton in safe mode using the Norton Uninstall Utility?