Thursday, November 05, 2009

No, the Greensboro Pregnany Care Center Is Not a Lie Liv at Greensboring said.

What is the case is that the article Liv cites (and one must give due weight to the idea of citing) from the so called journalists at The Carolinian Online is itself a fusillade of lies and misrepresentations.

I don't know about the breast cancer story. I'd like to know the details. Could be a legit complaint, I don't know.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers do not in fact represent the far right of the pro-life movement.

Nor do they claim to be medical clinics, though many have doctors and nurses on staff or who come in as volunteers.

They are generally staffed by caring and compassionate and non judgmental workers and volunteers, volunteers who care both about the pregnant women and their babies.

Yes, they do use ultrasounds. They want the woman to see the life inside of them. Why wouldn't the abortion clinic want to do the same?

Will revisit in 2-3 hours. Liv, you are off the chart smart, and the very last person around I would want to tangle with, but for real, citing as a source an inflammatory piece in the Carolinian...Come on. You're better than that.


Roch101 said...

It is an opinion piece, something you and Liv seem to have not noticed. But it is marked, however small, with "Opinion," apparently because the don't have a separate category for "Opinion on a fifth grade level."

Joel said...

Good point Roch. In journalism is there a difference (or should there be) between "opinion" and "rant." Maybe these days they are too often the same - whatever the view point.