Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nothing New

Roch is right

The outcome of the elections in Greensboro hardly qualifies as "historic" or "monumental."

Do we really know for sure that Mayor Johnson lost because of her politics (or political associations) as opposed to her style?

And the addition of Danny Thompson, I mean, he is a young, dynamic, personable, and energetic new face on the scene - I don't think it's all that historic that he won.

OK, if Robbie Perkins were sent packing by a resounding vote then I think the outcome then we might be looking at a more deep seated rejection of the status quo, but that didn't come close to happening.

Ebb an flow, ebb and flow...

It will be interesting to see how Mr. Knight does when he butts heads against the quiet power structures behind the scenes. He could well end up as a one and out.

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