Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Help! New Blogger and Flickr

Due to the gradual build up of small coding problems on my Blogger site (which I am not smart enough to fix) I have taken the plunge into the world of "new" Blogger or as they now call it "Google Blogger." Seems it is trying very hard to be like Word Press without the Open Source aspect. ). I have set up a "new" Blogger site. Don't know if I will stay with template. As far as I can tell the new Google Blogger is trying to make it as hard as possible to access non Google sites - places like as Flickr, Pandora, Facebook, or Technorati. It looks like Google is turning into a proprietary monster. I do like the new Blogger widget thing - it's useful for code dorks like me.

But here is the problem. Their widgets for non Google sites are lame. For the life of me I can't figure out how to paste html code the old fashioned way (even in their html widget) and have things show up on the side bar - such as my Flickr badge. Flickr generates the code for a badge but it won't take inside the new Blogger. It does not work just dumping it into the "new Blogger" template code or into the html widget. Do any Blogger users out there know how to do this?




Michele said...

The new Blogger has a gadget for Flickr, Facebook and Technorati. Didn't see one for Pandora. Go to "layout," then "add a gadget," then search for Flickr, Facebook, Technorati, etc.

You can also add html by choosing the html/script gadget and then pasting and saving code in the box.

Joel said...


Thank you for your help. I'd been fiddling around with the "gadgets." The Flickr gadget is, unfortunately, really lame. It isn't connected to your actual account. I haven't found a gadget that connects to my Flickr account in any dynamic way, and I haven't even found the Technorati gadget. I tried the html/script gadget but it didn't activate an actual badge. Hmm. I'll try again tomorrow! Thanks.