Monday, February 09, 2009

Help With Google Blogger

I wrote last week about having "upgraded" my Blogger site to the "new" Blogger, called now "Google Blogger." There are many advantages to Google Blogger for people like me who aren't very code savvy. Yet, even as limited as my skills are I had with old Blogger been able to drop snippets of code into the Blogger template and out comes a flickr badge for example, or a we101 badge, or whatever.

It's not quite so easy in Google Blogger. The template code is built around the architecture of the Blogger "gadgets" - little programs like WordPress widgets that can be added to the site and move around easily. This new functionality for Blogger requires code that looks very mysterious to guys like me, and which from all I have read makes it all but impossible to plop in other code for badges and such.

There is a new Blogger gadget called "HTML/JavaScript." supposedly this gadget allows the user to add code from third parties, but no code I have dropped in there has come out right. I am talking about code provided by various third parties to add to Blogger templates.

If any of you have transitioned to "new" Blogger I would love very much to know if you know how to insert things like the Flickr badge that Flickr provides, or the badge, or the like. You can comment here or e-mail me.




triadwatch said...

added you to triadwatch, let me know if you need help with site, keith

triadwatch said...

you have 2 subscribe post probably want to take one off

triadwatch said...

site looks good, got we101 to work and flickr on as well.

Anonymous said...

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