Friday, February 13, 2009

Does Anybody Know These Friends of Mine? (Part One)

Do you ever wonder where old childhood or college friends are? I do. So, I thought I'd put a shout out to the world. Does anybody know any of these people and where they are?

Billy Holmes

He was my best neighborhood bud through elementary school, before he moved to Chapin. He went to Satchel Ford and also Crayton I think before he moved. We later reconnected at Clemson. I have not seen him since. Many memories of football in the front yard with Billy.

Marshall Moore

Marshall went to Satchel Ford, and to Fairwold I think, and then Keenan. He lived on Meadowood Road I think. He also went to Clemson. He had the most awesome backyard - a big field for baseball and amazing climbing trees, especially an enormous sweet gum. He played for Sunshine Cleaners at Satchel Ford and hit the infamous groundball that went through my legs and won the "first half" playoff game for them. I was the goat.

Phil Owens

Phil was my best friend in 8th grade at Fairwold Junior High school in Columbia. His middle name was “Carroll.” He lived on Fox Hall Road. I hung out at his house all the time. He was on my pony league team, and was part of the great all star team that had a real shot at going the whole way until Bill Allen the pitcher broke his foot sliding into second. He ended up going to Keenan and I to Flora. Last time I saw him I think he visited my roommate Harry Lancaster and I at Clemson.

Gregg Busdicker

Gregg was a good friend over several years in Columbia. He was a pitcher on my pony league team at Trenholm Park. He had an amazing house on Sylvan Drive, with a second floor pool table recreation room. I have great memories of pool with Phil and Gregg, with Led Zeppelin playing very loudly. I saw Gregg in an airport 20 or so years ago – last time.

Bo Cox

Bo Cox was a friend at Clemson from Greer SC. He was part of the great bike ride all through SC four of us went on after our sophomore year. Bo was a trip. I have several great photos of Bo on my Flickr site.

Mary Linn Chapman

Mary Linn lived next door to me for most of grammar school and was my very best bud in my early childhood years. Her dad was a pastor at North Trenholm Baptist. She had a brother named Horace Chapman. They moved to Georgia. My sister Mary and I recently read some letters she wrote to us after she moved. We were all very sad.

Ricky Meyer

Ricky and I were friends at Clemson. He was Forestry major. The man could play guitar, and often played in venues at Clemson. He taught me guitar lessons. I have some cool pics of him at Clemson on my Flikr site.

David Hollis

David Hollis was my best friend in sixth grade at Satchel Ford Elemntary. He lived at the corner of Trenhold Road and Briarfield. We walked/rode to school almost every day. He was on my little league baseball team and Pop Warner football team, and became an outstanding running back at Spring Valley High School. Yes, as with most of my friends, he moved to a different school! Great memories.

Larry Smith

Larry Smith was my roommate for one semester at Clemson. He was from Greer SC. He was an English major, and an amazing guitar player. He loved Gordon Lightfoot. We saw Jackson Brown together in Athens GA in the fall of 76.

Levon Lee

Levon was living at Carolina Children's Home in Columbia SC when I knew him in 8th and 9th grade. He was on my pony league team at Trenholm Park and, along with Ray Derrick (they alternated at pitcher and short) was an amazing athlete. He was a quiet humble unassuming fellow. He has this annoying habit of retrieving grounders and holding the ball to the very last second before rifling the throw to first base. It drove Cleveland the coach crazy, but I loved it! I had the honor of playing at third base next to Levon at short, though I was a peon in comparison. He was adopted by a family up in Maryland I think, and I never saw or heard from him again.



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lchavous said...

Joel, had to be a sign tonight. My daughter, Maggie, came home from Winthrop tonight and she and Rebecca thought it would be a great idea for me to have a facebook page. While they are in the other room creating my "profile", I decided to come in the other room and google a few people, and "bam", pastor Joel's picture. Enjoyed readig abt your friends. Been a long time on some of those names. I guess our "big-field brawl bumped me out of the top ten.
I hope all is well with you and your family and I will stay in touch.

Joel said...

Larry (I think this is Larry?)

You didn't make the top ten because I know where you are, more or less. In fact, just a few weeks ago I e-mailed my brother to ask him for your e-mail address! I don't remember the brawl - but I think I was in a brawl with most of my good friends at one time or another! I have written a couple of articles mentioning you, as well as some narratives under pictures on my Flickr site. I'd like to send you a link to those - I need to go find that address Bobby sent me. Great to hear from you my old friend and I hope we can stay in touch.