Tuesday, August 12, 2008

South Elm Rocks

I don't mean any disrespect for all you good folks north of Market Street, but having had my office down here on South Elm for almost nine months now, I can definitely say that South Elm is cool.

There seems to be more and more people about, more shops being renovated, and more places to eat every month. There is cool urban vibe - a little Greenwich Village like - art, food, music, theater, quirky and interesting people everywhere (my favorite kind).

I'm thinking of riding my bike to work. Thanks to my good friend Kay at the city who gave me the newest copy of the Trails of Greensboro (which included a great bicycle map of greater Greensboro) I figured out that I could ride all the way from my home out near Greensboro Day School to downtown and not be on a major road except for a few blocks downtown. I just have to figure out how to "clean up" after. Does anybody out there know of a "wipe down" product that would approximate the benefits of a shower?

I'm also thinking of getting a scooter - no, not the little Razor but the Vespa type. It would be such a blast to "scooter" around down town with camera in tow.

I can't wait until the Mellow Mushroom opens. Meanwhile on days when I don't have a lunch appointment somewhere I tend to hang out at Jimmy Johns for a late lunch. Good sandwiches, good prices, and totally rocking music after the lunch crowd leaves. And I don't need to eat dinner.

I'd love to live down here. Maybe someday.

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Anonymous said...

If you don't have access to a shower, buy some baby wipes.
I commute 2x a week to my job. I keep a file cabinet drawer filled with work clothes to change into. Once a week (on one of the days I drive) I bring in/take home the work clothes.