Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Custom Cleaners Spring 1970 Columbia SC

This picture is of my little league team Custom Cleaners spring 1970. That's me top row 3rd from left - League Champs of Satchel Ford Little League 1970. Head Coach Mr. Chavis, top right. Asst. Mr. coach Mr. Allday top left.The guy in the middle is Clint Freeman. He was a stud and played catcher. To the right of him is Larry Chavis, one of the best athletes you could ever see, and league MVP. Larry and I pitched mostly, and when he pitched I played shortstop. Greg Allday is in front of Larry Chavis, third from right kneeling. Bob Dreher is in front of Mr. Allday, and Tom Lancaster third from left kneeling. Debbie Carawan was the bat girl. Mr. Chavis was a great coach, a great mentor, and a fine man.

I wrote a story about our very last game as a team on my site today. OK, it's mostly about my grand slam!

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