Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remembering My Irish Friend Clancey

I dreamed about Clancey last night and thought I'd post a different picture of him.

Clancey was my dog from the time I was about 14 in 1971 until he died of cancer of the heart cavity in February of 1981 when I was 23. He was, of course an Irish Setter, a male, and was a great companion and friend. We lived in an area of Columbia SC with lots of ponds and great roads for long walks. He was a little high strung as setters can be, but he was just such a loyal and cheerful fellow. He never failed to greet my homecoming - whether from high school, from being away at Clemson, from working at the store - with joy and enthusiasm. He could hear my VW Rabbit driving down the road (catalytic converter rattling) and would be running out to greet me with sheer exuberance as I pulled up in front of the house

We would go on the longest walks - no leashes required then - and he would run all around, swim in lakes, chase squirrels, whatever he felt like. In this picture he had just been in the water. All I had to say was "walk" and he would be grabbing my shoes in his mouth for me to put them on. He was not the sharpest tool in the shed dog wise, but for an Irish Setter he was pretty smart. I can just feel and imagine our familiar forehead nuzzles right now. I would get down on the floor, on my hands and knees, and we would rub foreheads, pushing a little, like two friendly big horn sheep!

We had some really fun games we would play, especially tackle the man (or dog) with the tennis ball. I would throw the ball up and across the yard and we would both race for it. He would generally win. Then I would try to get the ball from him, usually trying to corner him and tackling him if he made a dash for it. I would lunge and try to knock his back legs out from under him. He knew the rules - no leaving the yard for example. We would run and chase until we were both worn out and would just fall into a heap on the grass together. I miss him terribly.

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Anonymous said...

aww I feel for you, I really do. Dogs just become part of the family and it's really a loss.