Thursday, March 05, 2009

Quality Turntable, Cassette Deck

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to buy/borrow/or rent a high quality turntable and a high quality cassette deck for digitizing some cassettes and LP's. I would like a turntable that has ability to have a new quality cartridge/needle if need be. Vintage equipment from the 70's would be fine.



Preston said...

I have a Pioneer CT-F700 cassette deck you're welcome to borrow for a while. It isn't pro quality, but it isn't bad (Dolby, etc.). I also have (somewhere) a pre-amp you may need for a turntable.

Might you have a filmscanner I could borrow to scan some old b&w negatives?

The Logistician said...

Pay us a visit and let us know what you think about the tone of social discourse these days. Welcome back.