Friday, March 13, 2009

Reaching For the Sun

Fisher Park, Greensboro, Early Spring 2009


Brenda Bowers said...

Joel I have something I have never seen in my garden. I have only two Daffodil plants and each plant has the sweetest teeny tiny blossoms. The circle of petals is about the size of a quarter. Have you ever seen these?

Since I am planting on a yellow clay hillside and tho I have tried to put in good top soil I still sometimes don't get good results with what I plant. Or things will come up a bit stunted. These blossoms tho are absolutely perfect except for their size. They would make a lovely arrangment with the tiny roses. BB

Joel said...


I suspect that you have a variety of Narcissus, or daffodil, that are called Jonquils here in the south. Yellow clay? I am not native to the piedmont region and don't know all its soils, but if that yellow clay is actually more like clay, and not just a clay-ish soil (or subsoil), then the barrier between it and the top soil may be too severe.