Friday, April 03, 2009

It Worked! Hello Beau!

A few weeks back I published a list of ten people that I had lost track of in life, a piece called Does Anybody Know These Friends of Mine?" One of the folks listed was Beau Coxe (incorrectly spelled "Bo Cox"). Well, lo and behold, Beau called me last night from his home near Atlanta. Apparently his sister had done a search and stumbled across my pictures of Beau from our SC bicycle trip in May 1977. She called Beau and he called me. We talked a long time, and will talk again soon. Sometimes the internet is just plain cool.

The picture above with the story below is one of the great memories of that trip - crazy kids in their youth!

"We were riding over a very long bridge between Beaufort and Hilton Head, across a very large river inlet, and we stopped to look. We debated about jumping. There was a pole running up an abuttment and we thought we could climb up that. Beau said he would go first to show us the way. We were maybe 20 feet above the water. Anyway, Beau went under and popped up about 50 feet upriver as the tide was coming in hard. It took all his strength to swim back to the abuttment. On the way up the pole the pole broke and he fell back into the water with no way to get up and about a mile from land. A fishing boat came up, cursed us out for being stupid fools, and threw us a rope. We pulled Beau up by the rope."

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