Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joel's Rainy Winter Day Special

Hi Friends,

As the days get colder and wetter the gardening work is slowing down - and I await the new season. In the spirit of "any work is better than no work" I just want to put this out there, and ask you to consider sharing it with anyone you think interested...

I will spend a traditional work day INSIDE and do about anything I am asked to do that is legal and moral and that I am capable of doing - for $100. Anything. I am NOT a skilled handy man so I can't fix your washing machine or your plumbing, but other INSIDE work like cleaning, moving things, running errands, painting, baby sitting, chauffeuring, sanding, scrubbing, polishing, clearing out attics, insulating, taking stuff to Goodwill I can do. I could also clean up/degunk your computer, rip that pile of CD's to your hard drive, write letters, edit stuff - whatever I can do inside. If I need to drive my car as part of the work I will ask for a per mile reimbursement at standard IRS rates. I am happy to work along side or work alone...So...if you know someone who could use something like this pass it on...

As far as outside gardening work at regular rates, winter is a good time to mulch, clear away Ivy and Wisteria and unwanted saplings, transplant, plan, and so forth.

If you have or know anyone who has a child who needs tutoring in math, science, or English composition, bible or theology let them know about me. I'm pretty good at that if I may say so myself. I am a currently licensed teacher in North Carolina and can provide references.



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