Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking for Jobs

As many of you who know me are aware, I am in a transition time in life vocationally and otherwise. In this period between my last career as a pastor and my next one (still formulating) I still have to pay the bills, and though it is humbling in many ways I have come to realize that I was in a position to help others for a long time and will be once again, and now I need help, in the form of work. There is not a great market out there for former pastors and school teachers and it seems best at this time to work for myself. God has provided a lot of gardening work the last several months but that is winding down as winter approaches. So I thought I’d put this out there for my friends in the Columbia and Greensboro areas. I tagged several folks so that this would show up in different places - feel free to remove it or untag yourself if you want it off your wall.

Here are some things I can do and of course I am willing to provide resumes and references if needed.

Garden Cleanup – I generally do what one friend calls “jungle taming” work – mostly on the other side of the border grass and mostly with overgrown but otherwise established yards and gardens. Fall is not the ideal time to prune but is a good time to get rid of vines, unwanted trees and other things growing where they shouldn’t, replace old mulch, and plant. I can do pretty much any kind of gardening work that does not require power equipment. Not keen about chemicals.

Tutoring – I taught high school science back in the day and have tutored Physics, Chemistry, Physical Science, Biology, Math, and English Composition over the years. Maybe you know of a family looking for a tutor.

Preaching/Teaching – I am not in a place in my life where I can pastor a church on an ongoing basis, and maybe never will be, but I am ordained and can competently fill in in a teaching/preaching capacity if a need is there. I can do simple verse by verse teaching or if needed I can address thorny issues in a measured way if it would be helpful to a congregation or group of leaders.

Windows Computer Degunking – I have done a lot of it and can get your machine running cleaner and faster. Really, I can.

Photography – I am NOT a professional photographer but I do a credible job at family pictures outside where special lighting apart from the sun is not required – fall family pics and so forth. OR, if your organization or business needs a base of solid photographs for web site and/or promotional items I can provide a large quantity of good photographs to get you rolling.

Writing – do you have an important letter you just can’t seem to get right? Do you have a technical matter you need to articulate? Do you have a crucial report or paper you need edited? I am your guy. Writing is my specialty. If you need editing I am experienced at that as well having been managing editor of a biblical theological journal – oh, and having kids in high school and college!

Web Sites – I can set and manage web sites/blogs using the Word Press platform, and can host such sites on my server. Word Press is a great versatile user friendly platform. I am not a coder, and have limitations but I do currently manage several sites, and would love to manage yours. I am also experienced at integrating web sites and social networking tools, and can be your social networking “meister.”

Genealogy - Give me a couple of days and I can get you jump started on that long neglected genealogy project you've wanted to do but haven't

Counseling – I know, “teacher heal thyself” and all that…I am NOT a licensed counselor but have 20 years experience in pastoral counseling. I am available. Believe it or not I do a good job with vocational and pre-marital counseling too. I know, I know…

Digitizing Photos and Documents – I have excellent high end scanners of all kinds and can work with prints, slides, film, old letters, personal records, and so forth. I can get you jump started on that BIG project you have been putting off for so long.

I am sure there are a hundred other things one may need doing that I could possibly do - idea? Try me...

PS - Feel free to check me out - links are below - references available on request

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