Sunday, April 04, 2010

Why I Am Pulling for Duke

Here's my "pullin' fer" hierarchy whuich explains why I am pulling for Duke Monday night.

1. I always pull for Clemson and South Carolina against anybody else, period, always. Though I grew up as a little duffer a UNC fan, I became a rabid SC fan during the John Roche era, and then a crazy Clemson fan when I went to Clemson, and then later I also graduated from SC. If Clemson and SC play each other I usually pull for Clemson unless SC has a lot more to gain by a victory.

2. I always pull for UNC unless they play Clemson or SC. My dad went to UNC and I grew up light blue and pulled for them all the time until the John Roche basketball team captured my imagination.

3. I generally pull for UNC, Duke, WF, and NC State against other ACC teams, except Clemson.

4. When these teams play each other I generally rank it as UNC, Wake, Duke, State - but if one is having a great year I may pull for them.

5. I ALWAYS pull for ACC teams - no exceptions except against South Carolina. Even the new ACC teams.

6. I almost always pull for the mid major teams and underdogs - except when playing ACC or South Carolina.

So, as to Duke vs. much as I'd love to see Butler win an NCAA championship, the ACC trumps a mid major, so I'm pulling for Duke.

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