Monday, August 10, 2009

Today's Picture: Clemson Team on The Hill, 1977, Joe Bostic, Jeff Bostic, Charlie Pell, Archie Reese

I took this picture on "The Hill" at Death Valley in the fall of 1977. This was year of Clemson's ascendancy to national prominence under coach Charlie Pell. That is Pell in the white dress shirt. Behind his left shoulder is Greensboro's own Jeff Bostic. In front of Pell is Archie Reese. Behind Pell to his right is another Greensboro native - Joe Bostic. Archie Reese, Jeff Bostic, and Joe Bostic went on to NFL careers, Jeff winning three Super Bowl rings with the Washington Redskins.

By good fortune I have been able to find and scan some really cool stop action shots, including a couple of the well known game between Notre Dame and Clemson in 1977. The detail is amazing. Go to my flickr site, click on the picture you like, and then click on "All Sizes." I think you will find it pretty cool.

I even have a picture of North Carolina in a pre game warm up.

If anyone knows the Bostics send them the link - they might like the shot with Coach Pell

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