Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Richard Dawkin's God Delusion

I have just skimmed through Richard Dawkin's God Delusion (and please note, I am not a young earth creationist). Anyway, I shall now begin a careful read. At first glance it seems that Dawkins is a worse philosopher than I am a singer, is mightily ignorant of basic Judeo/Christian theology, and is giddy (like a ten year old Hannah Montana fan) over the indisputable nature of his own ideas. I think the title is appropriate, except that Dawkins is the one deluded, deluded into thinking he knows more than he does about philosophy and theology, and deluded into thinking too highly of himself and his materialist assumptions. It seems like a particular type of delusional disorder, as in delusion of grandeur. I relish the close read.

I am also reading E. O. Wilson's "The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth." I much prefer him to Dawkins.

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