Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for Work in All the Right Places (I Hope)

Dear Friends

I thought I would go ahead and post the basic content of a letter I have sent out to several friends and also posted on FaceBook. Basically I am seeking the help and prayers of those who are so inclined as I continue to look for work.

I am very thankful to have had the privilege of tutoring several students from Caldwell Academy in physics over the last six weeks or so. It was a joy and blessing and reminded me of how much I like teaching and working with young people in that setting. I also have had the opportunity to help a local company redesign their web/blog site and integrate social networking into their overall web based presence. I’ve learned a lot and think I have been helpful to that company.

I continue to network, talk to people, wait, and pray as to my "third career." Given the state of the economy and the inherent challenges transitioning out of a career in pastoral ministry, I am taking a patient and longer term approach. Meantime I must pay the bills of course so I am concentrating more on finding work in various areas where I have skills and can be of service. I am open to teaching being that third career (or first career reprised), but this isn’t the greatest time to re-enter that field.

So, here is a list of things I am competent to do. If you are a praying person your prayers would be appreciated. Feel free also to disseminate the list to others who might have interest in these services. I would appreciate it. Oh, rates vary according to the nature of the individual task.

Tutor – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Science, Algebra, Calculus, English Composition

Teach – most of the above (though I am only approved at GCS for Biology and general science)

Edit – Pretty much anything – technical documents, essays, work proposals, difficult personal letters, and research papers, etc.

Write – Pretty much anything except fiction -- technical documents, essays, work proposals, difficult personal letters, research papers, syllabi, etc

Integrate – web/blog with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIin, etc. Testimonials or recommendations are available upon request

Digitize (and edit where needed) – slides, negatives, prints, old pictures, albums, and cassettes (videos soon)

Digitize (and edit where needed) – documents of all kinds and all lengths (such as medical records, legal documents, family letters and documents, old typed papers) from one page to hundreds of pages

Build – a Blog/Web Site using the WordPress platform (I have to subcontract complex graphic customization)

Mediate -- all sorts of personal and professional quandaries (pre-lawyer)

Consensus Build – with all sorts of groups that strive toward unity of vision

Speak – advocate, teach, sell, articulate, explain, officiate, guide group meetings, etc.

Take Pictures – of anything you want (not weddings or people portraiture), by the day or hour or subject, handing over the memory card to you, or processing the photos for a fee.

Degunk - older or slower computers equipping them with free utilities for ongoing maintenance

That should be enough for now

Thank you,


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Joan said...

I will pray for you and keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities.