Saturday, August 29, 2009

Forest Acres Memories

Inspired by "I Remember" discussion board topic, in Facebook group "Forest Acres Friends"

...walking to Richland Mall (RM) for lunch in 9th grade. Flora had an insanely long lunch period! We would often go to the Hardees on Forest Drive! (Can you imagine how popular the OLD (RM) would be today! It would be awesome! And busy.)
...taking Nanny my grandmother to the cafeteria at RM
...looking at albums at that music store in the middle-corner at RM - what was it called?
... losing my super ball to the roof of Whites between Whites and the cafeteria at RM (I cried)
...buying my first stereo receiver (it's playing Steely Dan Pretzel Logic as I type), my Sherwood S-7100A, in the cool hi-fi shop second floor of Whites
...tubing the creek with Phil Owens running from Deerfield, across Foxhall, behind the old brick works, across Covenant all the way to Atascadero!
...riding my bike as fast as I could down Chinaberry Drive!
...buying ICEE's at the Magic Market at Forest Lake Shopping Center (FLSC)
...riding bikes down the long stairway behind Campbell's drugs at FLSC at the Red and White at FLSC (bad memory of stealing gum and being taken back by my mom!)
...getting my hair cut at Humphries Barbershop at Trenholm Plaza (TP)
...buying shoes at Garber's Shoes at TP (and beating Garbers for Satchel Ford baseball Championship!)
...going dirt riding in the sand hills behind Piggly Wiggly across Gill's Creek, and in Wheeler's Woods behind Deerfield
...hanging out with Nanny at her Norge Village on Trenholm (the big ball sign)
...playing baseball in Marshall Moore's back yard on Meadowood games at Trenholm Park (and catching passes from Mike Wiggins (Go Colts)
...going to Mrs. Salley's house after school for piano lessons on Shannon Springs
...riding bikes down Satchel Ford Road with David Hollis, Debbie Carawan, and Marjan Smith in 6th grade, baseball, baseball at Satchel Ford - go Custom Cleaners!
...the 100 year flood behind FLSC
...playing pool with Phil Owens and Gregg Busdicker at Gregg's house on Sylvan, listening to Led Zeppelin
...playing hundreds and hundreds of pick up basketball games at Trenholm Park
...buying clothes at The Men's Shop - FLSC, Mr. Bob Moore
...late night date picnic in field behind FLSC
...working at Gillespie Cleaners on Trenholm Road
...eating at Flintstones in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot on Covenant Road
...playing third base next to either Ray Derrick or Levon Lee at short, pony league, Trenholm Park - those dudes could play
...the old Red and White grocery at FLSC
...having the best baseball coach a kid could have - Mr. Chavous, Satchel Ford Baseball
...the one and only Irene Neuffer , ump, substitute at SF, friend - Pierre's birthday parties
...throwing up tomato juice all over Mrs. Hampton's desk in third grade - and getting to go home sick as a reward!
...The post oak by the bridge over creek behind FLSC
...Mechanical Drawing at Crayton
...Mrs. Graves
...the corner post office, TP
...finding a huge eel in the ditch across from Hank Gaddis's house on Pinebranch
...Bell's (19 cents) Hamburgers on Forest Drive (and getting free burgers for reading lots of books)
...getting my first (and last) speeding ticket, pulled by a Forest Acres cop, going 55 mph through intersection of Forest Drive and Beltline, with Ron Crossland, after a Flora football game
...going to the dentist (Dr. Salter) at TP, getting a filling without Novocaine (very bad idea)
...endless ping pong games at Trenholm Park
...wasting whole days scoping out girls at at RM
...awesome fights at Crayton back when they let 'em fight a bit more...
...being dropped off by Crayton bus driver at corner of Trenholm and Forest Drive in snow storm, having to walk two miles home across Forest Lake Country Club, getting lost, with Billy Holmes
...hanging out at the Marshall's place on Citadel Drive
...riding bikes as kids from Bridgewood Road to Spring Lake, across gold course, down Country Club, through woods to duplex apts., across bridge to get ICEE's at Magic Market
...waiting (forever) for my mother to buy fabric at that fabric store on the back side of FLSC
...eating breakfast with my dad at the diner in the back of Ligget's at TP
...Happy Bookseller
...throwing up in field behind FLSC with date in car, after having eaten at The Shrimper
...riding the bus to Fairwold in 8th grade
...buying my first LP with my own money (Best of Hank Williams) at Roses, TP
...rowing in an inflatable rubber dingy with Susan Larmon  to island in middle of Forest Lake
...sitting on the first limb of the post oak tree behind the bridge at FLSC
...memorable evenings in field behind FLSC on Lakeview Circle
...playing ultimate Frisbee by moonlight with people from TEAM on fairway at FLCC
...walking to Satchel Ford, 6th grade, with David Hollis, via Briarfield
...Kirby Higbe
...riding bike at night with no hands down long slope of Satchel Ford Road and Fernwood
...getting drunk only time in life at Mark Kaffee's house with friends on 17th birthday
...A.C. Flora
...many many trips to community grocery, for many reasons (Joe...)
...Hanging out at Mackie Tompkins house with Phil Owens and other friends
...working as a bar back at some restaurant behind Richland Mall Theaters
...waiting endlessly for "mofo's" to finish all their BS behind Flora so Johnny Suggs could drive me home in 9th grade
...eating lunch with Nanny at diner at Campbell's drugs in FLSC
...Mrs Henry in 4th grade - Anne Atwater, Harry Lancaster

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Ms. Boggs said...

I was searching for info about Mrs. graves, who was my 1st grade teacher when my family lived in Columbia in 1969. up pops your blog on a google search. I was at satchel Ford only 1/2 the year, as we then moved to Oregon, butmimvividly remember playing on the playground. There was a girl n my class whomwasmn a tv show called "Pop Goesmthe Weasel."