Monday, July 27, 2009

XP to 7 "Clean Install" - O the Dread

OK, so I have two underpowered desktop systems, one with leaking capacitors that I think I can replace, the other that I have just fixed enough to use. Windows 7 promises not to be nearly as bloated as Windows Vista or even Windows XP, which means that having Windows 7 would enable me to extend the life of these machines (before I switch over to Macs!). But there is no upgrade track from XP to Windows 7.  One has to reformat the hard drives and do a clean install.  OK, there is some merit whenever one uses Windows in doing a clean install once a year. But who has the time? It's a big hassle. Getting new Windows systems now or after Windows 7 comes out would be about as equally as much trouble in terms of reloading everything. So, if I am going to have to go through the expense and trouble, why not just get the Macs now.

Problem is, I don't have the money, but if I did, the lack of a clean upgrade pathway from XP to Windows 7 would definitely lean me away form a Windows system. I just don't get it.


Fecund Stench said...

See if you can find a used hard drive. Move your current one to slave and make the used one master. I've had really good success with used hard drives.

Sue said...

Buy Acronis Home 2009 imaging software and image your computer after you've got a good install. Then you can clean install once a year with no problems. I agree that Windows is a pain and Macs are better for imaging and reinstalling but you got what you got.

35% of all hard drives fail. A lot of people have used older drives that are fairly big but not 300Gb so perhaps you can borrow one and use it for Windows 7, which is going to manufacturers on October 22 and real people can get it after that, so how long can you wait?

If you can't wait, get a used drive or format and reinstall XP and enjoy each day one at a time.

I'm formatting my main machine this week with an engineer taking it over all day. I feel your pain but am a trifle happy that I can have an engineer do this for me (bought a new 300GB SAS drive and will slave the 160GB that's there now). That was an expensive mistake for me to have made last year.

Anonymous said...

This company has announced a product that will allow you to upgrade without the hassle of moving data and reinstalling applications. It looks well worth the $40.

Veritas said...

Leave Windows and go to Linux. There are some very good linux distros available. Linuxmint is probably the best. Windows is just an operating system for gamers anyway.