Monday, July 27, 2009

Today's Picture: My Aunt Evelyn Dressed for Prom, Mid 1930's

This is my great aunt "Aunt Evelyn," then Evelyn Andrews, in her prom dress, mid 1930's, in LaGrange, GA. Evelyn was the youngest sister of my grandmother "Nanny." Evelyn was about 18 years younger than Nanny. They were in fact half sisters. Nanny's mom died when Nanny was a little girl, and her dad remarried. Nanny had a brother John and a sister Evelyn by her step mother, whom she always called just "mother." Since I first posted this picture on Flickr a few years ago my dear Aunt Evelyn passed away in the summer of 2007 in LaGrange Georgia surrounded by loving family.

For more pictures of my Aunt Evelyn and her siblings and daughters (and wonderful great nephew) check out my Flickr set, "The Andrews Family."

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