Monday, July 13, 2009

My Flapper Grandmother (Nanny)

This is far and away the most-viewed picture on my Flickr site. It is of my grandmother Mary Sue Gillespie, my dad's mom, before she was married to my grandfather I think, and in a beautiful 1920's outfit. The condition of the 80+ year old print was outstanding, and it made for a great scan. "Nanny" was always a classy lady, and a wonderful guide and help and friend to me. I just thought I'd share this photo with you all again.

See my Flickr Set - Nanny.


Anonymous said...

Joel, she's beautiful. You favor her a great deal. Thanks for sharing. Your friend, Cherie

Amy Deardon said...

Love it! While looking at this photo I can't help thinking, though, just how quickly life passes... thank you for sharing this. Nanny looks like a neat person.

Joan said...

What a stylish lady.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Great picture and story Joel. Something about black and white photography which captures images differently.