Friday, May 01, 2009

All the Rest Have 31 - Countdown to Unemployment

So, today I begin my 31 day countdown to unemployment.

I should be freaking out. I don't know why I'm not. I'd like to say that it is due to some deep abiding trust in God and quiet confidence in His provision. In truth He has always provided for me and my family over the years. Maybe that is it. I don't know.

It is a pretty sucky time to be unemployed. If I listened to all the doom and gloom I might want to go jump off a building, but I don't. I think it is a good time to think about opportunity. Yes, I'll go with that.

I have almost never really looked for work - it always seems to have come to me. Yes, sometimes God has me go through many of the necessary motions, but then provides me with something that is in no way connected with anything I tried to do.

I have a feeling that there isn't really a "job" out there with my name on it. Now if you were just going to call me and offer me a job please don't let that last comment deter you. Call me :-).

It feels like a time to find the right niche that fits my interests and core competencies and experience and build work from there. I could be wrong, but that's what it feels like.

There is the horticulture angle. I have a niche idea there - would share it but I don't want anyone to steal it. I like the horticulture angle.

There is the teaching angle. Not much hiring going on. And the pay is not so great. But I like kids.

There is the writing angle. That is very appealing to me because I love (as I have shared) writing about "nature" and environmental issues, local history, stories of life in the 60's, sports, cultural issues, art, theology and biblical studies, etc. And I love putting my pics up there. I could work that via a non profit and also, as hits go up, adding in advertising and such. It could be a piece of the puzzle. I would need a few patrons.

related to that is writing books. I think I have 15-20 books in me over the next decade. My good friend Sherb has a great book idea. Meanwhile something has to pay the bills.

I have talked to a friend about how to get better in photography. There are some cool "Photography Institutes" out there where I could get a lot better. For me photography is more of an enhancement to my writing. I feel more like a photo journalist than a photographer per se. I'd like to get better.

Then there is the non profit angle - maybe environmental non-profit. Hmmm. I've been working with volunteers for 20 years. Do I need a break from that? I need to think about it some more.

I have thought about school. if there were a program that I could start and finish in a school year plus a summer that would greatly enhance either business success or employable I'd be interested, but I can't find one.

Then there are the several "services" I can offer - digitizing pretty much anything, restoring old photographs (not as well or as expensively as the other local businesses), tutoring math and science and writing, working to fill in family histories and putting together digital scrapbooks, de-gunking computers, filling in as a teacher or "preacher" if the need arises, etc. Hmmm.

The there is exploring various ways to market my pictures via various products that include them. My 'lil sis and my daughter like that idea. I need a salesman!

And then there is some kind soul like you who just happens to have a job with my name on it. Please, do call.

30 more days after today...

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