Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Far So Good

I did not get to watch the inauguration today, though I read the text of the speech. I will read it over several times. A friend of mine encapsulated my feelings almost exactly:

"I read the inaugural speech ... I did not hear it presented, but it must have been something else. Whoever drafted the speech (I hear Obama is an excellent writer and has much influence in these matters) did an excellent job. Here's hoping he can deliver on 10-20% of his intentions ... if so, I think he will have a good run. I just hope those who see him as political 'messiah' will open their eyes to the reality of all our problems and the reality of how government works. Lots of pressure on that man."

He has my prayers.

I am disappointed with the Drudge Report for running a headline entitled, I think, "Obama Flubs Oath." They have since taken that headline off - now it reads "Obama and Chief Justice flub oath of office...nerves as America swears in 44". It is a link to a clip of the little stumble in the second phrase of the oath. I thought the Chief Justice didn't do a very good job with it myself. But why does this have to be pointed out?

Anyway, I have no more stomach for the right doing this to Obama than I did with the left (and David Letterman) doing it to Bush.


Joan said...

I agree about the oath. I thought the Chief Justice was confusing.

Roch101 said...

Thank you for the goodwill. I hope it is returned.

Brenda Bowers said...

As ever Joel you see the best and remark upon it for all of us to see. Tho I too read the address and don't agree with you that it was particularly well written. He took brave and wonderful words spoken by other greater men and claimed them as his own IMO.

I wish I did not feel so strongly that our country is in much danger from this man and his following. I was appalled by Lowery's (I can not call it a prayer since my God would never recognize it as such). Anyhow, I haven't watched TV for several days now because as I have stated on one of my posts, I have been, and am, in mourning, So I watched a video of Lowery spewing forth his hate. I hope this is not a sign of the future, but I feel somehow it is.

President Obama is calling for an Organization of America that will be made up of people like this and who believe this way. And as of people like the crowds who booed President Bush. And again I fear.

So I thank you Joel for showing me some good, however small, as you usually do. Brenda

Joel said...


There is this nagging sense of doom given that we really don't know this man very well. Time will tell. But I think he has the good sense not to be drawn too far left.

Yes, that one prayer was very much not nice and I think a lot of people know that. But I have a slightly different perspective.

First, Rick Warren's prayer was very politically incorrect for many reasons, including the fact that he prayed "in Jesus' name" (or so I am told). So in a way we had two prayers that were less than politically correct, and yet neither of which has created a major ruckus. That in itself is significant to me. It appears that neither prayer had to make its way through focus groups.

The prayer you cite arises out of centuries of oppression and some theological mischief that arises from such injustice and oppression. If this is the attitude that comes to characterize Obama's presidency then it will be very bad. But I don't think it will. This event is of such significance to our nation, and such meaning to our African American neighbors, I would cut the guy some slack.

Betsy said...

I hope, because we serve an amazing God who can use anyone for His purposes. Proverbs 19:21 "There are many thoughts in the heart of a man: but the will of the Lord shall stand firm." Our hope is in the Lord.
Joel, here's a transcript of Rick Warren' prayer.