Wednesday, January 21, 2009

OK, Does Anyone Know Where THIS ONE Is?

I had such success getting an ID on the other old picture I sent out that I thought I'd try this one. I found this picture in with a bunch of other pictures taken of my great great aunts back around 1910 or so. I had two great great aunts who had moved to Oakdale Tennessee where their husbands worked on the railroad, and their sisters in Kentucky would visit them. These are wonderful shots even if they are pocked up a bit. Based on other pictures it seems they took an outing along the railroad somewhere, so I think this is near Oakdale Tennessee, which is about an hour west of Knoxville. However, there is a note on the picture that could be taken to mean that the picture was taken in Virginia.

If you go to the photo on Flickr, click on "All Sizes" and you will get a larger view. I have never noticed until today that there is a person in the picture - lookin the top right quadrant! This is absolutely priceless. I just wish I knew where it was!

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