Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Top Ten Led Zeppelin Songs (this week)

Can you narrow it down to ten? I know, some of you could narrow it down to zero!

Unlike many groups lyrics are all but irrelevant in much of Led Zeppelin's best music. For me it is almost as if Robert Plant's voice is more of an instrument in itself. Their lyrics are completely forgettable and sometimes really dumb.

I tend toward favoring their blues and harder driving stuff the most, but that's just me. Well, not exclusively - I like D'Yer Maker. And I know, I don't have Kashmir in my top ten. Silly me.

Memories of playing pool in Greg Busdicker's awesome house on Sylvan Drive, Columbia. Phil Owens, Greg, and me shooting pool and jammin' to LZ for summer days on end. Where O where are Phil and Greg?

Here's the list...

1. Since I've Been Loving You (I can't stop listening to this song - anthemic)
2. When the Levee Breaks (Those harmonicas! Great adaptation)
3. Stairway to Heaven (Is there a bustle in YOUR hedgerow?)
4. Heartbreaker (Unbeatable air guitar song)
5. I Can't Quit You Baby (Oh man, those slow blues!)
6. How Many More Times (What an opening!)
7. Bring It On Home (A little Memphis blues, and then watch out!)
8. Rock and Roll (Still a top ten ever driving song)
9. D'Yer Mak'er (OK, a softee, but I like it)
10. You Shook Me (Totally groovin' simmering slow blues song)


Anonymous said...

When i think of my favorite Zep tunes, i think they're almost all on Physical Graffiti.
Sick Again
Night Flight
Ten Years Gone
Boogie with Stu
Saw them in Greensboro in 1977.
Pretty sure it was John Bonham's birthday that show.

Joel said...

I never saw them. Seems that when I was doing concerts hard and heavy from 1971-1975 they were never in town. I never quite got into Physical Graffiti quite as much. My loss.

Tony Wilkins said...

The Crunge
"where's that confound bridge?"

Trampled Underfoot
"greasy slicked down body, groovy leather trim"...for some reason this was the first LZ song that I learned all the words.

Alan Gantt said...

Hey Joel,
I couldn't find "I can't stop loving you", not on Rhapsody nor YouTube nor through a google search. I don't go as deep as you do with LZ. However, I did like Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog which I didn't see on your list. Black Dog was a very popular selection on the jukebox in the little bar next to the Capitol News stand across from the Wade Hampton Hotel where I sold family Bibles to Ft. Jackson soldiers (1972). Fascinating times.

Anonymous said...

pretty sure i cant stop lovin you aint a real song

Joel said...

I am an idiot - I meant of course Since I've Been Loving You - duh