Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Hear the Train a Comin'

The "9007" crossing the tracks at S Elm and McGee. I caught this from my fifth floor fire escape.

Yes, I did hear the train a comin', and yes, it was rollin' round the bend. The bend would be the big 90 degree curve running behind The Depot as the train goes from heading south to heading west, or the other way as the train goes from heading east to heading north. When the trains are coming- either down from the north or from the west - they start blowing their whistles as they approach downtown. They do this before they cross the bridge southbound over Washington Street, or before they cross S. Elm eastbound. So I can hear them coming. I can't always tell from which direction, but if I look out my window I can see if a train is coming southbound approaching the bridge over Washington Street. If I don't see it I go to the fire esc....OK, for real I just this second heard a whistle....OK, I'm back. That whistle just now was from a train that was coming from the west just crossing S Elm Street going east. I stood there on the fire escape until the engine was on the bridge over Washington Street, and the train had still not cleared S Elm Street!

Anyway, I love trains. I will never tire of hearing a train whistle, feeling the slow rumble, watching the engine and caboose and the shaking. OK, a story about trains....coming soon.

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Greg Clark said...

Nice pic..the "Brewhouse" sign did make me a little thirsty though.