Monday, January 19, 2009

Does Anybody Know Where This Is?

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad as a child. The actual photo is tiny and streaked and pocked with damage. This is about as good a rendering as I can come up with.

In the picture are my grandmother Mary Sue Gillespie (nee Andrews, and known as "Nanny" to us grandkinds), Curtis Claunch Gillespie Sr (called "Brother in Extended Family and Pop to grandkids), and Curtis Claunch Gillespie Jr. (called "Sonny" in extended family, or for me, just "Daddy") .

I cannot figure out where this picture was taken. Behind and in the distance is a river. I wonder if this may be near Chattanooga, or maybe Chimney Rock. I really have no idea. I'll give ten bucks to anyone who can tell me with accuracy where this is.

OK - I want to thank Roch Smith for discovering the identity of this rock - it is "Umbrella Rock" on Lookout Mountain Tennessee. Roch sent a link to an awesome picture taken of the rock during the civil war. The rock doesn't look quite the same, but the identity is certain. Here is a vintage picture taken of the same rock, and another and another. Sometimes you just have to love the internet.

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Roch101 said...

That would be on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga.

Joel said...


Thanks. I owe you ten bucks.

In the interim period since I wrote this I looked at the picture on "original" size and could read the heading of the marker bottom right. It says "RE-OPENING OF THE TENNESSEE RIVER. That seemed odd to me so I looked it up. The phrase has to do with one of the civil war battles which relieved the Confederate siege on Chattanooga and I guess "re-opened" the Tennessee river to the Union.

Anyway, do you know if the rock formation is still there?

Roch101 said...


I have only seen Lookout Mountain from a distance so I don't know if that is still there. I confess I cheated in finding the answer to your query, I searched Google images for "Chattanooga rocks" and found this:

Give the $10 to a good cause and we'll call it even.

anyjazz said...

I think you found more examples that I did. Thanks for the additions to the list. The mystery to me is this: Why are so many of these photographs from almost exactly the same spot?