Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clancy in the Kitchen

Clancy, 1971-1981, my buddy, my friend...

This is quite obviously not a great photo, nor was the photo in very good shape when I scanned it. I can say as regards this picture..."There were one or two I know that you would have liked a little more But they didn't show your spirit quite as true." This picture captures the simple cheerfulness of my favorite pet growing up.

There is a "note" on the Flickr picture makes me think of how Clancy and I would often greet, well, after he got over the excitement. I would get down on all fours and we would nuzzle foreheads. It was a kind of "kiss." He very obviously understood it as a rite of affection.

I am one of those who thinks we have greatly underestimated the intelligence of animals, including their emotional intelligence. Though Irish Setters are normally high strung and less than brilliant, Clancy was a great friend, and we had a deep bond. I just wish our dogs lived as long as we do so we wouldn't have to go through so much grief at their departures.


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Luis Delgado said...


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David in Greensboro said...

Hi Joel,
I don't know if you caught my blog posts last year when my cat died, but a couple of weeks after that, the minister at my church coincidentally (???-meaning he planned it before my cat died) preached a sermon about animals and the afterlife. He closed with a great story, which I reprinted on my blog post titled "Animals and the Afterlife" on April 20, 2008. Whatever your theological view on this subject, it's worth reading.