Thursday, October 23, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I Will Not Vote for Obama

1. Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate

Harry Reid is a disagreeable fellow, which is fine, but he is also a very liberal disagreeable fellow, and thought of a filibuster proof Democratic Senate sends shivers down my spine. I am bracing myself for country wide speech codes like in most universities, reversal of the ban on partial birth abortion, and other such stuff.

2. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic House

I think Nancy Pelosi is a despot, and a very liberal one at that, and the thought of a Democratic House sending legislation to a filibuster proof Senate seriously wigs me out. If we ever needed divided government it would be now.

3. Partial Birth (and Live Birth) Abortion

When a country supports infanticide, well, God help us all. We deserve whatever comes our way. Obama has shown his cards on this issue. Despite his soaring rhetoric his record shows that he won’t lift a finger to maintain the ban.

4. William Ayers (et al)

Either Obama was simply using these connections in his rise to power and influence, or he agrees with these folks at some visceral level, or he is just clueless. None of the options thrills me.

5. Joe the Plumber

I don’t care what Joe the Plumbers actual tax status is, his question was legitimate, and Obama’s answer regarding "spreading the wealth around" sent a chill down my spine. Is this Cuba?

6. Tax Policy

The vast majority of Americans are employed by small to medium size businesses. If their taxes are increased they will either pass along the costs by increasing prices on their products, or they will decrease their work force, or just stop hiring people. Or all of the above. Oh, and then there is that capital gains increase…

7. The Fairness Doctrine

I cannot think of any single law that so violates the first amendment as this sham of a doctrine. And the hypocrisy is that “conservative” talk radio” will be labeled “conservative” which it certainly is, but MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, will not be labeled as “liberal” which they all certainly are. The fairness doctrine is not only reprehensible from a fee speech stand point, it is also unfair to the core.

8. The Messiah

That Obama does not do all he can to squash all this Messiah-like stuff going around tells me that he either believes it or is willing cynically to use it to his advantage. Hubris…

9. Wrong Change

I have seen no evidence whatsoever that Obama intends to bring change to the way Washington works. When most Americans think of the idea of “change in how Washington works” they have in mind its partisanship, the bickering, the inability to compromise. As far as I can tell the only change Obama will bring is a tidal wave of liberalism.

10. Foreign Policy

Yes, the world loves him. In fact, Hezbollah supports him. That’s all I need to know.


Steadman Harrison said...

Well said... Glad to hear you take a stand on this... these are important points.

Blessings, Steadman

Anonymous said...

My top reason for not voting for Obama is his judgement. He went down to Kenya on a government paid trip as a US senator & associated himself with the opposition leader, Raila Odinga in 2006. He was photographed with him, was on TV with him,and appeared in public with him throughout the visit. Later, when Odinga lost the election for president of Kenya,he incited riots, which killed & misplaced hundreds & thousands of villagers. Obama has never, to my knowledge, ever explained his friendship with this terrorist. The BBC & other European newspapers, were reporting on it daily, back in Jan. 08. Not one word in the USA. This was not 25 years ago. This was recent. This man is to be feared, if my gut is speaking the truth.

Triad Forum said...

Very well stated.

Ben said...

Well, I disagree with you, and that's what's great about America--we are made strong because we can disagree. The only real push back I have to give you on this list is that your third point, the one where you say "When a country supports infanticide, well, God help us all. We deserve whatever comes our way." This is starting to sound a little bit like Jeremiah Wright's "God Damn America" rhetoric.

Ben Daniel

Joel said...


Yes, that is a good thing, though it seems less and less a reality. About the third point...I didn't and would never invoke or ask for or demand a cursing or judgment or damning from God. I would ask and pray for his mercy. I see where the "we deserve what's coming" comment is maybe a little over stated. In essence I believe that issues like partial birth abortion cause us to lose our moral authority to address issues in the world, and it gives various other forces in the world another huge reason to reject our way of life and moral and political philosophy, and to hate us and wish us harm. As a self corrective and seeing your point I might change the rhetoric of that one sentence. I will think about how to put it better.

Brenda Bowers said...

I can not understand why this man can do and say what he has and still have so many people following him like sheep. And they do not deny he associated with Ayers or Wright but contend that he has "distanced himself from" them. Yes he certainly did but only after he was running for the presidency and was pressured to do so.

49 years ago I spent my summer traveling thru the South with a group who were helping Negros to register to vote. some had to answer questions so I taught quick courses in history. Some couldn't write so I taught them how to sign their name. I believed I was doing the right thing then and I believe it now. It would be great for me to see Black man elected President of the United States. Really great! But Barrack Obama isn't this person. He will do more harm in four years than our leaders will be able to straighten out in another 50 years. And that only if we are lucky enough to get a Congress that has a Republican filibuster capability. BB