Friday, October 31, 2008

Take Stock of Bonds

Hurray, I voted already!

I think the sign that says vote yes to property tax relief is totally misleading, to the point of being not merely disingenuous but downright deceitful. It ticks me off so I voted no. Just be honest already!

It bugs me when the public votes "no" to a bond, and then it keeps coming back. Maybe there should be a time period when it can't show up again. It's like if they keep bugging us we will relent.

I can't see issuing large bonds in these times. Sure I'd like a spiffy new medium size music venue, but it is a luxury, not a need. I would like to know, given the capacity of the War Memorial Auditorium, and the number of NON symphony acts, how many people per anum actually use the facility. And if it is really for the symphony crowd, let them pay for it; they can afford it. My vote - no.

I am all for improved infrastructure, especially roads, but when we're dealing with such large debt issues as a nation - and as families - I think we should wait. And besides, the bond is misleading. I am for the downtown loop, but it should be in a separate category and people need to have a clear idea what they are voting for just by the name of the bond. My vote - no

One million dollars for help with housing. One million? What's the point? My vote - no.

As to parks and recreation I have a different view. I was noticing at Bur-Mil park recently the sheer number of people using the facility. And it was a cultural melting pot - groups of all colors and languages, plus lots of mostly white guys riding expensive bicycles. There were families playing golf. In the summer the pool is packed. I think parks and recreation is the mostly extensively and democratically used service the city offers, and the most used by people not of means. OK, yeah, I think Bur-Mil is a actually County Facility run by the city, but every time I go to a park in the city or county, I see the same thing. And you thought I was for this because I am Joe Nature Boy. No, not for that reason. My vote - yes!

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