Tuesday, October 28, 2008

South Elm Music - Bill Mallonee

Greetings My Friends,

I hope this cold and windy day finds you well. Would love to chat…

…but this is a **News Alert** for a public “house concert” to be held downtown on S. Elm Street in the “flat” of Charlie and Ruth Jones. I put the word “flat” in parentheses because, well, it is not an ordinary apartment, but the third floor of an old hotel converted into an apartment.

I am teaming with Charlie & Ruth Jones (and I owe much of the wording of this news flash to Charlie) and other local friends to bring the talents of Bill Mallonee to Greensboro. Do you like Neil Young? Have you loved Bob Dylan? Does Tom Waites intrigue you? Does Woody Guthrie make you wish you had something to protest... all over this land?? Well, you will flip over Bill.

At 7:00pm on Wed. Nov. 5, at 614 S. Elm St. (the Jone's apartment) Bill Mallonee and his wife Muriah will be giving an intimate house concert for 50 or so friends and fans. We want you to be part of this. There will be a $10.00 cover charge, and we will "pass the hat" to help defray expenses. But this is an opportunity of a decade! We have "lucked out" on this deal. You gotta come join us for Bill's concert. This DEFINITELY is not a profit-making venture... Along with Charlie and Ruth I just want to be a part of bringing exceptional Art to S. Elm.

(no need for reservations but if you could email to let me know you're coming that would be great - if you don't remember too please come anyway)

Let me quote from Bill’s website:

"Being a son of the South, it's hard not to be surrounded by the beauty of things fractured and incongruous...that's the stuff of real songs...and that's what I learned on the road doing 180 shows a year from 1995 till about 2002... What came out was my own version of what I deeply loved in the work of those two." [Dylan and Neil Young] Mallonee's love for all things folk-rock and raw-boned acoustic won out over these early influences. The "4- guys-in-a-van-with-no-safety-net-beneath-us" dynamic of life on the road left a profound imprint on Mallonee's way of looking at his life...and is deeply woven in the sound and feel of his music. "The work of folks like Flannery O'Conner, Thomas Merton, Kerouac, and a fella named Frederick Buechner helped me make sense out of things out on the road. We made 24 records over 16 years. It all played out, very unglamorously, on the asphalt and in the clubs. I gravitated to the old soul of folk and country artists because it seemed like what we (Vigilantes Of Love) were doing and how we were doing it lent a measure of authenticity to the art." He says, "I tend to be a heart on the sleeve fella. I figure it'll resonate with someone somewhere...we're all made outta similar stuff, I think."

If you have never heard of Bill, I invite you check out some songs and lyrics on his MySpace page:

or his web page:

See you on Nov. 5 - just give me an idea if you can make it -


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