Monday, October 06, 2008

The Pope Speaks

We are in a worrisome and scary time. I have no idea how wide and deep the financial panic is going to spread, and how long we'll be in it. It looks like a world wide crisis has developed, and who knows all the repercussions? I fear for many friends and loved ones - for their jobs and well being, and many of the weakest who will not have the ability to ride out this storm. I worry for my children, and for myself to some degree, as I have no liquidity whatsoever.

I have no pie in the sky pat Christian answer. Yet, I have found Pope Benedict to have the sanest voice in the midst of this mess. Obviously we share deep fundamental values. But he speaks truth, and provides moral and spiritual grounding in these times. His words are not mere comfort, but challenge, necessary challenge I think. Here he addresses western values generally, and here our tendency to fall for the false promises of mammon.

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