Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two Computer Questions Regarding Windows and Explorer

Hi everyone. I have a friend who has two Microsoft Windows problems, and I was wondering if anyone might have any suggestions, other than buy a Mac, since he can't do that :-). I am helping him which is really a scary thought.

Internet Explorer locks up within a minute of being opened. I have installed Firefox for him and imported all his Explorer settings and bookmarks and such so he has that to use. He had "upgraded" to Internet Explorer 7. We uninstalled Explorer 7 leaving him with Explorer 6, but the problem persisted. We also installed XP Service Pack 3 but that didn't help, and we ended up uninstalling it. Is it possible to remove Internet Explorer altogether and reinstall it from a Windows disk or a download? I just don't know at what level Windows and Explorer are integrated and if you can really "get rid of" Explorer.

Also, the "Help and Support Center" won't open. Click on it and the hour glass hovers for a second or two and then disappears. Some of the ideas I found online call for deep edits of the registry files, and I am hesitant to try that for him.

I have a suspicion that the problems are related but I may be wrong.

Is it possible to reinstall Windows XP SP2 on top of a preexisting Windows SP2, sort of like you might do in an upgrade?

I know, in a perfect world we would all have Macs.


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Kievas said...

Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get rid of IE--it's very tightly integrated into the Windows code.

You could try a maintenance application like Registry Mechanic or Norton SystemWorks, but the best option may be to wipe the disk and reinstall Windows.

Why can't he buy a Mac? :)